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Image Files

These are the image files for the ppc44x target. Check that the md5sum of the file you downloaded matches the md5sum below.
Shortened image file names below have the same prefix: openwrt-ppc44x-...

Image for your Devicemd5sumFile SizeDate
squashfs.imgb53e7cfd694c13f36417d45ca4a447ed3328.0 KBTue Jun 2 03:01:56 2009
uImage77b1837fe2861b348c21aab148c4c1371015.2 KBTue Jun 2 03:01:52 2009

Supplementary Files

These are supplementary resources for the ppc44x target. They include build tools, the imagebuilder, md5sum, GPG signature file, and other useful files.

Filenamemd5sumFile SizeDate
packages/--Sun Dec 10 12:33:43 2017
md5sums-0.1 KBTue Jun 2 03:01:56 2009
ppc44x.config-82.9 KBWed Jun 3 05:59:37 2009